HPV Vaccination Catch-up Programme 2023

In this letter you will find information about the Laura Brennan HPV Vaccination Catch-up Programme.

The HSE is offering young people another chance to protect themselves from HPV, by receiving the HPV vaccine, if they were not vaccinated when they were offered it previously.

This opportunity is available in 2023 for eligible people to get the HPV vaccine.

Who is being offered this vaccine?

The HPV (Human Papillomavirus) catch-up vaccination is being offered to:

  • Females (currently in 2nd year – 6th year) who have not received the HPV vaccine
  • Males (currently in 2nd year – 4th year (5th year if they did not do transition year)) who have not received the HPV vaccine

Students (both male and female) currently in 1st year are being offered HPV vaccination this year as part of the routine school immunisation schedule.

Click on the following link for full information: HPV Vaccination Programme 2023