Wellbeing for Parents



Dear Parents, We hope this finds you well and coping with the current situation. Jigsaw Cork and Terence MacSwiney Community College are still in partnership in completing the One Good School Framework.

After meeting with Jigsaw, we felt that it would be important to support parents also. 

Please find below information for yourself, and also note that Jigsaw have updated and expanded their national website due to Covid-19 and there are some fantastic resources there for parents.  

You can visit  https://jigsaw.ie  

You can also start with Mental Health Awareness.

Mental Health Awareness for Parents

Suitable for: Parents and guardians 

Duration: 1 hour 

Format: Online – self-directed learning that can be done at own pace.




  • Module 1: The changing needs of our young people
  • Module2: Introduction to youth mental health
  • Module 3: Youth mental health in Ireland
  • Module 4: Promoting and supporting youth mental health for the young people in our lives

How: Go to this link to get started: https://jigsaw.ie/mental-health-awareness-course-for-parents/ 

You might also enjoy learning about self-care.

Self-Care for Parents

Suitable for: Parents and guardians

Duration: 1 Hour

Format: Delivered Online, self-directed learning at own pace.



 Participants will:

  • Have a greater understanding of what self-care is
  • Have a greater understanding of the importance of looking after their own wellbeing in their role as a parent.
  • Be more aware of their own self-care needs.
  • Be able to develop their own self-care plan.

How: Go to this link and get started: https://jigsaw.ie/self-care-course-for-parents/

Step 1. Enter the link in web browser.






Step. 2 Select Sign up for an account.  Create account.








Step.  3  – Select the either course or you can do both courses.





Step.  4  – Select the Self-care Course for parents