Transition Year

Transition Year

Image result for transition year logoThe Transition Year programme in Terence MacSwiney is optional. Students wishing to do TY must apply for the programme and be interviewed. An important objective of TY is to develop skills essential for students entering Senior Cycle and on to third level.

Some of those skills are as follows:

  • Research skills
  • Presentation & Communication Skills: to develop oral literacy and confidence. Students can present work through iMovie/Keynote to parents at their graduation ceremony.
  • Technical Skills: the TY students can document, direct, edit and produce a video and/or photographs of their TY journey. They can also use these skills to video/photograph the TY Christmas show, showcasing the work on stage and behind the scenes.
  • Mentoring: Once the TY’s have learned those skills they can mentor the incoming TY class and pass on what they have learned

An exciting aspect of the programme are the benefits for students associated with Terence MacSwiney’s participation in the Apple Cork School’s Project.

The Apple team will mentor TY students in developing skills for work experience: problem solving, presentation of self, communication and self-awareness

The team will also develop an internship/work experience programme for students with Apple.