First Year Induction

First Year Induction

First Year Induction: The transition from Primary school to Post Primary school can be challenging for many students and this programme aims to address some of the key issues such as – making new friends, dealing with a timetable, increased homework levels, negotiating the school building and how to manage relationships with older students. The programme runs for the first three weeks of the school year.

Week 1: Orientation Week

This week is designed around familiarising students with the school building, their teachers and their timetable. Students partake in a number of classes introducing them to the use of their iPad. This week also includes a trip to the Mardyke Arena where students get to use the climbing wall as well as a number of other activities.

Week 2: Friendship Week

This week students take part in a number of team work activities to help develop positive relationships with the other students in their class. These activities include Art and Cookery Workshops along with games and group challenges. Rewards and prizes are included throughout the week. The Art work they produce is displayed in their class rooms.

Week 3: Homework Week

This week focuses on helping students adjust to the increased levels of homework at Post Primary school. Teachers focus on supporting students in the use of their homework journal and managing homework in an increased number of subjects. A Homework Club is offered after school this week to help students with their homework. At the end of the week there is a reward for students with full attendance.

Helping first years settle into life in Terence MacSwiney Community College is of the utmost importance to us. In addition to our Induction Programme, first years have use of the Breakfast Room where there are facilities for heating food, making toasted sandwiches and hot drinks during morning break and at lunch time.

At lunch time, after they have eaten, a number of activities are provided in the school. Two lunch times in the week the boys and girls have their own separate days in Link Point where food is provided as well as games and activities.