Extra Curricular Activities Policy


Terence MacSwiney Community College values the abilities and achievements of all of its students and is committed to providing the best possible environment for each student.


The policy refers to school activities, organised by teachers for students and occurring during or after school hours. The activities may be provided by teachers or others.


Mission Statement: Our mission is to foster learning, and to guide and nurture all of our students in a caring environment. We aim to fulfil this mission in a spirit of collaboration and partnership with all members of our school and local community.

Extra-Curricular Activities play a vital role in the physical and emotional development of young people, which enables them to leave school as confident, independent and responsible young adults.


Terence MacSwiney Community College recognises the valuable contribution that extra-curricular activities make to the students and school community as a whole.  Through participation in and completion of activities, students learn to work together, communicate, manage themselves, stay well, build self-discipline, learn sportsmanship and fair play as well as develop a respect for rules.  Involvement of students in extra-curricular activities creates a positive atmosphere in the school and community and promotes a positive image of the school.

The full version of the Extra Curricular Activities Policy is available at the school office.