Special Educational Needs Policy (SEN)


Terence MacSwiney Community College values the abilities and achievements of all of its students and is committed to providing the best possible environment for learning for each student. We recognise the entitlement of all students to a broad and balanced curriculum and we strive to be a fully inclusive school.

This policy was formulated to support the inclusion of children with Special Educational Needs within our school setting.


  • Terence MacSwiney Community College hopes to serve all the students in our Community without prejudice. We welcome all students and acknowledge that diversity will enrich our school.
  • The school’s SEN policy is designed to cater for the needs of any student who presents with a Special Educational Needs (SEN) and to assist parents in making an informed decision in relation to the enrolment of their child in our school.
  • Our SEN policy complies with Government legislation and Department of Education and Skills circulars.


  • To ensure that all SEN students have access to a broad and balanced curriculum appropriate to their needs.
  • To outline procedures and practices to be followed in relation to students with SEN.
  • To outline our whole school approach to the teaching / learning of students with SEN.
  • To enable students with disabilities to share with their peers as complete an educational experience as possible.
  • To establish communication structures for the involvement of parents of students with SEN.

We recognise that many students will have special educational needs at some time during their school life. In implementing this policy, we believe students will be helped to overcome their difficulties. Whilst many factors contribute to the range of difficulties experienced by some children we believe that much can be done to overcome them by parents, teachers and students working together.

The full version of the school’s SEN Policy is available at the school office.